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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

As square footage has gradually declined over the years, space has become a premium, more so in apartments. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to live in cramped rooms that would subsequently make you feel claustrophobic. With creative interior design, you can open the rooms in your apartment and make them seem more spacious and airier than they are! A nifty tip you can use is by selecting an interior design theme that is bound to make the space feel bigger. For instance, by opting for a minimalistic design that is characterised by slender, space-saving furniture. Another tip you can utilise is ensuring all sightlines are open. By keeping your line of sight unblocked by furniture and other items, a room will automatically look larger than it is. Go through the various posts in this blog for additional interior design tips for opening up a cramped room.




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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

Two Interior Design Tips For People With Small Bathrooms

by Edith Austin

Here are some interior design tips that people with small bathrooms should follow.

They should purchase reflective or neutral-coloured bathroom products

When a person needs to buy products for their bathroom, they should try to ensure that most or all of the items they buy are either reflective or neutral-coloured (or a mix of the two). For example, they might want to get a compact, freestanding storage cabinet with a mirrored surface and a toothbrush holder with a polished stainless steel finish, along with a plain white or cream shower curtain.

Aside from creating a very chic, simple and calming aesthetic, products with these types of finishes are wonderful for small bathrooms because they can help to make them seem more spacious. For example, mirrored objects in a small bathroom will reflect the light that comes from the room's lightbulbs, as well as the light from its windows, and will then bounce this around the space, giving it a brighter and roomier look.

Neutral-coloured bathroom products, on the other hand, will not stand out too much and will, not, therefore, add visual busyness to the room; this is important because too many patterned or coloured items can make the space seem overstuffed and cramped. By opting for neutral-coloured items, the person decorating this room can avoid this issue without having to keep certain essential items out of this space.

They should stick with a single decorative theme

In bigger bathrooms, it's often possible to achieve a cohesive and attractive look whilst using two or even three complementary, interwoven decor themes. However, if a person with a compact bathroom does this, their themed products may create a look that is too visually overpowering. Because of this, it's best for people with this type of bathroom to stick with a single theme and to ensure that they are conservative in regards to the size and number of themed bathroom products they add to their space.

For example, if they've chosen a classic nautical theme for their bathroom, they could incorporate this into the space by having a small seashell-shaped soap dish on their sink, putting a small print of an anchor on the bathroom wall and displaying a handtowel that has a blue and white striped pattern on it. These small additions would allow them to establish a clear decorative theme in the bathroom without making the decor too overwhelming. Items that a person in this situation might want to avoid may include a large shower curtain with a busy nautical print and wall decor that is big and takes up too much of the bathroom's meagre wall space.

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