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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

As square footage has gradually declined over the years, space has become a premium, more so in apartments. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to live in cramped rooms that would subsequently make you feel claustrophobic. With creative interior design, you can open the rooms in your apartment and make them seem more spacious and airier than they are! A nifty tip you can use is by selecting an interior design theme that is bound to make the space feel bigger. For instance, by opting for a minimalistic design that is characterised by slender, space-saving furniture. Another tip you can utilise is ensuring all sightlines are open. By keeping your line of sight unblocked by furniture and other items, a room will automatically look larger than it is. Go through the various posts in this blog for additional interior design tips for opening up a cramped room.




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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

Two tips for those who want to turn their garden shed into a study space

by Edith Austin

If your garden shed is empty and you want to turn it into a study space, these tips might help you with this challenging interior design project.

Take advantage of the shed's scenic location when deciding where to put the study desk

Whilst a garden shed might not seem like the ideal place in which to study, there is one upside to using it as a study space; you'll be in one of the more scenic parts of your property. If the shed has a window that overlooks any pretty flowerbeds, rose bushes or trees in your garden, then you should put your study desk by this window. If the window is currently facing a fence or some other uninteresting feature but the shed itself is moveable, then you should consider repositioning the shed itself so that its window, that your desk will be under, will then face some pretty area of the garden.

The reason for this is that most people find that their outlook and concentration levels are partially influenced by their environment. If you put your study desk by a windowless wall in your shed and there are no pleasant or pretty things to look at directly in front of you, you may find that your desire to sit in this spot and study begins to wane, simply because it is such a dull and plain-looking area.

Conversely, if every time you glance up from your textbooks whilst sitting at your desk, you are greeted by the sight of a cluster of yellow tulips or a blossoming orange tree, you should find that your spirits are lifted and that you feel ready to tackle another chunk of your coursework. Furthermore, if the shed has no air-conditioning and gets stuffy on hot days, putting your study desk by the window will ensure that you are as close as possible to any breeze that flows through it when it is ajar. Look for a study desk that will fit in. 

Pick storage solutions that won't make the shed feel cramped

Most garden sheds are quite small. If this is the case in your shed but you need to store a collection of texts, notebooks and other study materials whilst you're using it as a study room, then you must be careful about which storage solutions you use for these items.

Interior design experts often recommend that people who are redesigning small spaces to install new storage in a way that won't result in this storage adding to the cramped look of these spaces. In your garden shed, this might mean attaching a shelf or a rack to the shed's ceiling. Provided the shed has enough headroom, this should ensure that you can stow your study materials in this space and access them whenever you need to during your study sessions, without having to be surrounded by piles of books and notepads.