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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

As square footage has gradually declined over the years, space has become a premium, more so in apartments. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you have to live in cramped rooms that would subsequently make you feel claustrophobic. With creative interior design, you can open the rooms in your apartment and make them seem more spacious and airier than they are! A nifty tip you can use is by selecting an interior design theme that is bound to make the space feel bigger. For instance, by opting for a minimalistic design that is characterised by slender, space-saving furniture. Another tip you can utilise is ensuring all sightlines are open. By keeping your line of sight unblocked by furniture and other items, a room will automatically look larger than it is. Go through the various posts in this blog for additional interior design tips for opening up a cramped room.




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Interior Design Tips For Opening Up A Cramped Room

How to Ensure Your Outdoor Blinds Last Longer

by Edith Austin

If you have installed outdoor blinds in your home, you want to make sure they last as long as possible. Like your outdoor chairs, sofas and tables, your blinds will be affected by climatic conditions like storms, rain, sun and wind. For this reason, proper attention and care must be provided to preserve and increase their longevity. Since your blinds will be exposed to the outdoor elements throughout the year, consider the following tips to increase their longevity.

Clean the blinds regularly

Even if your blinds are installed outdoors, you shouldn't allow dirt to accumulate. Dirt will not only make the building appear unkempt but also increase the blinds material's deterioration rate. Therefore, be sure to clean the blinds often. You may use cold soapy water and a soft cotton cloth to clean the blinds. Rinse and allow the blinds to dry before you roll them up. If you have installed PVC blinds, be sure to treat the surface with care to avoid scratching it. Usually, manufacturers offer maintenance instructions that must be followed to the latter. Ideally, these blinds have to be dried with a soft cloth after cleaning. Also, you shouldn't use strong detergents, garden sprays, insecticides or other cleaning fluids, including bore water and a high-pressure hose.

Service the blinds often

Outdoor blinds are exposed to dirt and debris, elements that can easily get lodged into the blind's operation system. To ensure smooth operation, make sure your blinds are serviced or repaired regularly. A lubricant may also be used on the track, but don't use oil-based lubricants because they attract dust into the track.

Roll up the blinds whenever it's windy

The wind can have a great impact on the structure of your outdoor blinds. Although your blinds are designed to withstand strong winds to offer protection, it's not advisable to leave them down always. Securing the blinds property whenever it's windy will help them last longer. Furthermore, windows are sturdy enough to protect the building from the wind, so you don't necessarily need to use the blinds too. When you roll up the blinds, you will protect them from potential tears caused by powerful wind speeds and debris that are associated with stormy weather. This way, you will avoid repairing your blinds or replacing them sooner than expected.

Never roll up your PVC blinds before wiping them clean. If moisture is left on them, it will accelerate the deterioration rate of the material since it cannot evaporate. This will reduce its longevity significantly.